The MODERATE to SEVERE ACCELERATED PATHWAY is designed for the experienced teacher with a Multi-Subject or Single Subject Credential seeking to add a Moderate to Severe (MS) special education credential to their educational portfolio.  Teachers with special education credentials in other areas of specialization are welcome to apply as well. The MS Accelerated Pathway is an intern based program that consists of 12 courses (24 units)  that are completed in less 12 months. The foundation upon which our program is built is the creation and proliferation of more inclusive environments for the students our teaching candidates will serve. Every course we offer is tied to this tenet.  Our graduates will leave adept in the 22 High Leverage Practices (HLP) in Special Education and for Inclusive Classrooms which are organized around the four aspects of practice: collaboration, assessment, social/emotional/behavioral and instruction.  The Moderate to Severe credential authorizes the holder to provide instruction to students with a primary disability of autism, emotional disturbance, moderate to severe intellectual disability, deaf-blind and multiple disabilities in grades K-12 through age 22.

Credential Approved Program-Sequence of courses
Based on when you first enrolled in the program
  • Spring 2022- Enrollment Start Date
  • Summer 2022- Enrollment Start Date-Coming Soon!


Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2022 & Fall 2022

Application Deadlines:

Summer Application Deadline: April 15, 2022