Course Description

TC #642 Spring Field Experience Seminar in Teaching and Learning

This course is intended for candidates who will work with Extensive Support Needs, Mild to Moderate Support Needs, as well as families of young children with special needs. Candidates will learn about the High Leverage Practices which support a diverse population of students in both a General Education and Special Education inclusion classroom setting. Through their coursework and fieldwork the candidate will learn and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments to meet the needs of every child in the classroom setting, and to know and be able to apply pedagogical theories, principles, and instructional practices for the comprehensive instruction of all students. The focus will be on collaboration, embedded instruction, and putting together all of the elements of high leverage practice together toward designing a classroom with built-in inclusive practices. Candidates will learn how to collaborate with professionals and families to support all children in the classroom.  The course will include a review of a child’s social-emotional and cognitive development in the context of structuring classroom environments and guiding instructional practices. (Piaget, Kohlberg, Erikson and Maslow).  Candidates will learn how to create inclusive learning environments and use their understanding of all students' developmental levels to provide effective instruction and assessment for all students, including students with disabilities and students who are English language/dual language learners. Candidates will develop a deeper understanding of the needs of their students and families and seek the appropriate related services, both within the school and within the community, to provide an optimal learning environment for the diverse needs of their students. In doing so, Candidates will recognize their own values and implicit and explicit biases and how those impact teaching. Candidates will engage in reflective practices that strengthen their teaching practices and knowledge of pedagogical understanding and implementation to improve student learning.


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