Educator Workforce Pathways Application

The Educator Workforce Pathways (EWP) provides educator candidates access points to pursue and complete a teaching credential in a desired area, regardless of current educational level. The EWP program endeavors to support candidates in navigating the academic process of higher education, and to reduce or completely eliminate the tuition costs associated with obtaining higher education degrees and credentials. EWP supports this process for the candidates by administering available teacher grants distributed by the California Department of Education and California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Available grants can help candidates cover tuition costs and living expenses. Candidates may qualify for more than one grant at a time and may be eligible for grants throughout the life of their educational program.

Application Process

  1. Application is submitted by candidate
  2. Application is reviewed by a Program Coordinator
  3. Program Coordinator will contact applicant via email to notify them of their application status and next steps


  • Is there a cost associated with the application?
    • There is no cost associated with the application
  • Do I need to submit any documents with the application?
    • No documents will be required for this application
  • How long will it take for the coordinator to contact me about my application?
    • It may take up to two weeks for a coordinator to contact you
  • Who do I contact with questions about EWP?
    • Please contact
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