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This course focuses on teaching students how to develop a positive classroom environment that supports learning. This is a fundamental course in learning, learning theory, behavior, behavioral theory, effective teaching and the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis with applications to the early childhood, special, and general education classroom emphasizing safe schools for all. Candidates will learn the information on laws and regulations as they relate to promoting positive behavior, self-regulation, manifestations and determinations, and safe schools (e.g. IDEA, FERPA, ESSA, Supreme Court) Students will learn how to manage a classroom and build structures that support student engagement and motivation. Students will also learn how to monitor, assess, manage, and teach positive classroom behaviors. Students will review classroom and school management strategies and develop individual behavior management plans with the goal of transition planning. Students learn advanced strategies and interventions for preventing, minimizing, and resolving challenging behaviors in the classroom as well as how to facilitate acceptable behaviors. Candidates will learn about school wide positive supports and their role in promoting safe schools and positive social- emotional learning including but not limited to restorative justice and anti-bullying strategies. Within the course, candidates will learn strategies for working with families and be able to identify their own behaviors that may impact behavior in students.. These strategies and interventions will empower teachers to support students with emotional and behavioral disorders in the general and special education classroom.

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Classroom Management & PBIS
4:45PM to 8:30PM
Oct 18, 2023 to Dec 13, 2023
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  • Online
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EPIC Tuition 2023-2024 credit (2 units) $1,280.00
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2 units
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Oct 17, 2023
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Oct 17, 2023
  • Bill Thiemann
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