The EPIC Preliminary Credential program is designed to prepare candidates to earn their Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential through a CCTC accredited program. The EPIC program prepares candidates to become teacher specialists in an inclusive classrooms. It provides instructional and experiential opportunities to work with families, develop collaborative skills, and become proficient classroom managers. Candidates learn from experts in the field – current and past teachers, special education directors and scholars. Coursework is divided into modules covering a two-year period, spread throughout the Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Semester. Eligible candidates will work as interns in their second year. While in a cohort throughout the program, participants share their learning experiences and begin cross program collaborations –learning collaborative behaviors that will assist them throughout their careers as Education Specialists. To accommodate work schedules, classes meet late afternoons and evenings, and on some Saturdays. Classes are held online. 

We currently offer the following specializations:

Mild to Moderate (MM)

Moderate/Severe (Mod/Severe) 

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)  

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